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One day I have been inspired by Stealth bikes and started a new build.

The idea is to fill gap between DH and Motocross bikes. I would like to be as close to DH

as possible. In this project I plan to have no financial restrictions nomather how long it takes.

Few first renders of the frame are made around batteries. This is the only common thing

with bomber. I don't know how their batteries are arranged but I guess not much different.

Final shape of battery pack 48 headway cells arranged in 2P24S,


Connecting plan for final battery pack. It will be made with 2 36Vbms

and 2 36V10A chargers.

Parts are cut on laser out of 1,2mm steel sheet.

SR Suntour V-boxx and Yuasa custom made shockc arrived.

SR Suntour 180mm fork is here also but I do not like the quality of that

and probably will change it with Fox or White Brothers or Marzzochi..

All parts are cnc made and welding is piece of cake...

I made small jig but it I didn't need it.

Shock holder and oil tank holder.

Cover fits perfectly. I left 0,4mm spacing. We will se how big

space will be after powdercoating.

Frame finished and ready for powdrecoating.

I started to make side holders for battery pack out of 5mm thick polyacril


Parts came from powdercoating.

New fork is mounted. It looks nice. Much batter then old black one.

Connecting the pack with 1mm thick copper sheets.

BMS wires attached

BMS attached

First test drive with old X5 and 150A kelly.

The singarm is not good, it is not stiff enough. Suspension is fine,

V-box is awsom but it will take some time to learn how to change

gears, It seams that have some issues with uphil change. The frame is

150mm wide and sometimes I hit it with the knee. Geomety is fine and the

bike feels much lighter then he is, with allmost 50kg it is no problem to pedal it

uphill with some 7-9 km/h. On flat ground some 15-17. So it is a little slower

then normal MTB...but it has power...:)

I replaced a shock with Manitou six way 230mm and custom made progressive

spring. The spring is 900 butI shortened the distance from swing arm pivot axle

so it will be to soft I guess. Real test will be with new swingarm.

Motor cooling channels

Motor is assembled (without stator inside)


55mm wide magnets

46 of them

wide stator

250 mm rear disk.

Stereer came from powdercoating.

Disc is not symetric and I balance it using relations in ProE

You can see a little hole left under letter G for ballancing purposes.