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Egeneric (newest on top)


Click on ELABORAT to see documentation needed for homologation in Croatia.

3kAh later


Waiting homologation papers...






Almost finished...

Just battery pack and chain are missing. Everything else is finished and

fully functional. Motor runs nice...

It is 200mm wider then before.

New dashboard. I am not satisfied with design and probably will make new

one in winter but this is cheap and works good.

Lamps from left to right

left blinker, 12V ok, kelly power, kelly error, high beam, key, high beam,

charging, charged, low beam, right blinker.

And on top big display CA

Acerbis cyclope lamp assembly finaly found a home...

Mars with "hot swap" holder. It can be removed in 2 minutes.

The original motor mounts are used.

Charging cable and 0,5kW charger in place where muffler used to be.

All is closed with powdercoated 6061 alu 1mm plates.

Programming socket, program mode switch, 200A anderson for disconnecting

battery and 50A anderson for disconnecting charger, some fuses and 240W

DC/DC converter so I can use complete 12V light system as it was...

Tank that was used as model for new wider battery cover.

Right side.

Safety switch.


Sprocket custom made from solid piece of high tensile steel.

Milled, spark-erosion cutted, carburized, grinded, spark-eroded once

again, grinded again and fitted. All done by the best Croatian race car

builder Mr. Zlatko Kvočić


Carbon chain guard






Some progress ...

New lights. Acerbis Cyclope

Handle bar finished. Basicly front end is finished just need to

mount cycle analyst.

Compact and easy removable controller pack.

Everything can be unpluged very fast. Idea is to change

controllers during testing easy and fast. .

300A fuse :)

175A Anderson for battery input.


Controller pack fited in frame

From another side.

10A charger squized under the seat.

View from below

Small charging cable compartment.

Swapable motors too.

Still not finished. Just 5 screws to remove

motor 3 on phase wiresand 2 on motor holder.

Colossus inside

Mold for battery cover. Made on orginal tank, cutted and

made 80mm wider an front

Still need to instal instuments and to add 7 warning lights

After 5 days working tomorow is cleaning day...