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Main idea was to make frame around batteries and controller. After testing more then

dousent batteries and contollers I decided to go with Headway 38120 cells and Kelly

controller. First few bikes has Crystalyte 504 motor and later on 5306 was cristalized as

best motor with excelent speed/consumption ratio. The bike is designed as a climbing bike

and all testing and developement was based on how far and how fast can it climb.

Maximal speed was never an issue. First design was before I found out big hub motors and it

was based on small crystalyte V48 hub motor and shimano 8 speed hub gears built in frame.

After few variations and dravings first frame was finished. Gear system was abandoned

cause I found that more Amps solves all the problems. Later on I found that also it means

more problems in another area...:(

Different types of batteries was tested and rendered...

This is first frame.

1,5mm sheet metal bended

And second frame is finished

Max Amp adjustment and primitive regen switch connencted to 2 x 1kw heaters.

Behind is additional controller cooler.

The cooler is not enough for 40A and fan is added.

Special fuel is reqired.

First test of the big disc. It works great even with very cheap caliper.

7x 9Ah SLA batteries fits inside

Acerbis cyclope mask added

Front big disc and custom hub with 25mm axle

Ready for testing

Max speed 112km/h with 106V66A Lenze frequency inverter

Time for a new frame, old one was over a year old.

The frame is designed to accomodate 24x 10Ah headways + kelly

or 8x9Ah SLA +kelly or 4x 18Ah SLA, standard 1,375"x24TPI 68mmBB

130mm rear travel, 1 1/8 x130mm headtube, 135mm dropouts with

integrated torque arms, 29,7mm seat tube, 19" size, adjustable head tube angle...


First parts cutted on laser...

New big disc design 355mm instead od 450mm

For comparison 203 and 180mm discs.

All parts for first series of 10 frames.

Each frame over 50 parts...

Milling seat tube...

First jig made of plywood.

First frame...

Second jig with adjustable seat tube and head tube angles.

First frame from new jig.

96V setup

72V setup for first customer, kelly 150A and X 5305

Second bike with 72V but with lenze controler and 5303


My test bike. It has over 3000km on the clock.

Allmost half of that is everyday climbing

on nearby mountain Sljeme.



New RC series with coaxial crank axle and swingarm pivot axle.

This frame allows mounting motor inside the frame.

Also horizontal dropouts are added.

Finished RC frame

Kit with rockshox boxxer world cup 2010

First series of 25 RC frames

Two piece solid 7005 aluminium swingarm for RC frame.

Still I am not satisfied with chain tension system...

Warp #1 model 2008 after first service.